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    Die casting machine k series

    The stability of high-quality new type machines in line with the traditional Toshiba machinery is directly related to the production efficiency of the products. K series combines the characteristics of fast rhythm and high stability, and can provide customers with efficient and stable production。
    (I) traditional high-grade technology of Toshiba machinery
    1. The most reasonable safety design: the analysis of strength and structure shall be implemented in the safety design to minimize the loss caused by the shutdown caused by the machine failure.
    2. Mold locking rigidity: the mold locking part adopts the traditional fast mold locking crank mode of Toshiba machinery, which ensures the mold locking rigidity and improves the production.
    3. C-frame: the traditional C-frame injection hole of Toshiba machinery is processed together with the injection hole of the fixed template, which improves the rigidity and ensures the same core.
    4. Adopt the built-in way of guide rod: the built-in way of guide rod makes the ejected part open and the mold changing operation easier.
    (II) stability of Toshiba machinery tradition
    1. High stability: the valves and pressure gauges of the injection part of the machine are imported from Japan, which makes the performance of the machine more stable and reliable.
    2. High rigidity: compared with the domestic die casting machine, the large column is thickened, which improves the die closing rigidity and stability of the machine.
    3. Stable pressurization system: provide a faster, powerful and stable pressurization system, and the fastest pressurization time is less than 15ms.
    4. Fast and simple operation: set the operation screen on the operation panel, which can operate and change various settings more quickly and simply.
    (III) high efficiency of Toshiba machinery
    High speed cycle fully automatic: compared with the general domestic die-casting machine, it can greatly shorten the beat time and improve the production efficiency when fully automatic is used.
    (IV) new control device: tl10
    1. It can store and read the parameters of 64 pairs of dies.
    2. Setting of various parameters and conditions: casting conditions, mold conditions, neutrons and other actions can be selected, and various timers can be set.
    3. Alarm: it can confirm the alarm display and alarm experience.
    4. Operation: it can operate the main engine and various peripheral devices.
    (V) setting screen of casting conditions
    1. Injection setting
    (1) setting of high-speed start position, deceleration position, etc;
    (2) setting of deceleration;
    (3) reading and saving of die parameters (64 pairs);
    2. Neutron setting
    (1) action setting of neutron input and return;
    (2) others: ejection setting, soup setting, spraying setting, casting condition opening setting;
    (VI) monitoring screen
    1. Host monitoring
    (1) fully and real-time display the operation of LS and solenoid valves of each action part of the host;
    (2) green indicates the home position side, red indicates the action side;
    2. Automatic monitoring
    (1) display the monitoring picture of the operation of the soup feeding device, spraying device and moving device in full and real time;
    (2) green indicates the home position side, red indicates the action side;
    3. Injection curve
    (1) display of simulation parameters of injection speed, pressure and position;
    (2) it can set the speed, pressure, position and time axis arbitrarily;
    4. Parameter line display
    (1) digital parameter display of various casting parameters;
    (2) reset function of die casting number;
    (VII) fault related
    1. Alarm indication
    (1) display abnormal items;
    (2) press the detailed button to display the position diagram and solution of each alarm item;
    2. Self judgment
    (1) display operation method indication screen;
    (2) when the purpose action is not carried out, investigate the cause and indicate the operation method to eliminate the cause;
    (VIII) operation design screen
    1. Basic operation instructions: press the action selection switch on the screen, and then press the implementation button on the operation board (only the mold closing action is to press the start button) for action;
    2. Action selection
    (1) in order to ensure safety, multiple actions cannot be performed at the same time;
    (2) if you touch other switches in the selection state, the previous selection will be cancelled;
    3. Host operation screen
    (1) selection of moving modes, ejections, neutrons, etc;
    (2) monitor the mold closing force, injection position, pressurization, etc;
    4. Mold change operation screen
    (1) the movement mode, film thickness adjustment, neutron and other actions can be selected;
    (2) switch to pressure adjustment mode;
    5. Soup feeding operation screen
    (1) choice of soup, spoon, soup injection, etc;
    (2) it can monitor the travel axis, soup injection axis and measurement angle;
    6. spray operation picture
    (1) the action of nozzle, gyration and release agent spraying can be selected;
    (2) the spray cycle can be adjusted.
    7. Move out the operation screen
    (1) the arm, gripper, leading out, reversing and other actions can be selected;
    (2) it can monitor the moving out arm shaft;
    8. Automatic operation screen
    (1) the choice of "breaking" and "linking" can be made for each cycle of motive;
    (2) the measurement angle can be monitored;
    Address: 101b, building 6, shubiankeng, Tantou industrial city, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
    Contact information:18049802669 13827483497 13827487849

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