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      Product Center


      Die casting machine j-sx series

      Stable production, closer to high quality

      The reliability of the machine is directly related to the stable and efficient production of energy beans. Dc135j-sx is a machine with convenient operation and stable production pursued from the user's point of view.

      (I) learning control

      The injection correction control of j-sx adopts the learning control technology of Toshiba machinery. It can ensure stable injection control.

      (二)CAST EYE

      When setting the casting conditions, the result of the set parameters and the actual parameters in action is in the agreed picture, which is convenient for comparative observation. If you want to see the curve in a certain place, you can expand the display arbitrarily. In order to facilitate the setting of parameters, the keys on the touch panel are designed as large size. Up to 32 sets of mold parameters can be stored.

      (III) die casting class

      In the teaching of die casting held every other period of time, the lecture notes about the history of die casting machine, casting theory, observation of casting curve and maintenance work were given. Besides understanding the unique technology of Toshiba machinery, active technical exchanges were also carried out among customers using Toshiba die casting machine in all walks of life. I believe that the customers who attend the lecture will be able to learn from the new technology.

      (IV) automatic device supporting high-speed cycle action (optional configuration)

      (1) automatic soup feeding device: frequency converter control is adopted to realize stable and reliable soup feeding action.

      (2) product moving out device: adopting crank mechanism and frequency conversion control, it can move out and in stably.

      (3) automatic spray device: the new spray head can make the release agent atomized.

      Address: 101b, building 6, shubiankeng, Tantou industrial city, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
      Contact information:18049802669 13827483497 13827487849

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