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    Die casting machine dc-cs series

    More than 40 years since the birth of DC1500, the first domestic large-scale die-casting machine in Japan, Toshiba machinery has more than 500 large-scale die-casting machines in the world. From this performance based on the rich experience derived from the optimal design. From the professional technology of large-scale machines to the response technology of environmental protection, the technical essence that has been cultivated together with users for many years is gathered here. Toshiba machinery provides the most cutting-edge technology without compromise in the whole technical field.CS Series adopts Toshiba machinery's own engineering technology and rich experience, such as high rigidity mold locking mechanism, selectrol injection system equipped with injection end, computer-aided general control system, various equipment applicable to various layouts and capable of reducing staff and fault management equipment; this series of machinery has been widely used in various industries such as automobile.

    (I) special length of injection cylinder:

    Toshiba machinery always insists that the process of speed (filling) and pressure (holding) should be controlled independently of each other

    System Better performance
    Filling small injectionPiston Small filling pressure fluctuation
    Outlet throttle speed control High response real time feedback control
    Inlet throttle speed control Strictly control the boosting time according to the setting

    (II) structure of oil pressure servo valve:

    The main servo valve of 2-way valve with excellent safety, stability and durability; the most excellent voice coil control servo valve with high response and pollution resistance.

    (3) pressurizing and closing oil cylinder: increase the production beat, shorten the closing and opening of the mold by 1 second.

    (IV) injection cylinder oil pressure circuit:

    (1) injection speed: 0.1 ~ 9m / S (air injection)

    (2) increase the rigidity of oil pressure by reducing piping and short circuit design;

    (3) reduce the pressure loss of back pressure cylinder;

    (4) boost circuit without affecting speed

    (V) pressure and flow control valve:

    P-Q control (toscast control of pressure flow) is a combination of electromagnetic flow regulating valve and electromagnetic pressure regulating valve for Toshiba machinery in consideration of easy maintenance. As a pollution countermeasure, two filters are built in. Pressure flow automatic control, no impact pressure, oil pressure fluctuation reduction, energy saving.

    (VI) high durability crank mechanism

    The thick crank adopts the full sleeve mode, and the durable parts are used to improve the rigidity of the machine.

    (VII) main specifications of large-scale die casting machine

    Specification item Company DC1250CS DC1650CS2 DC2250CS2 DC2500CS2 DC3500CS
    Clamping pressure kN(ton) 12500(1250) 16170(1650) 22050(2250) 24500(2500) 34300(3500)
    Injection speed m/sec 0.1~5 0.1~4.5 0.1~4.5 0.1~4.5 0.1~4.5
    (0.05~10) (0.05~9) (0.05~9) (0.05~9) (0.05~9)
    Large column spacing mm 1250*1120 1500*1300 1500*1550 1700*1600 1750*1550
    (vertical * horizontal)
    Die thickness 1500~600 1700~800 1700~900 1700~900 2000~1000
    Die stroke 900 1050 1200 1350 1450

    (VIII) general control system of die casting machine

    (1) toscast-555 can deal with the general control system of open network die casting machine.

    (2) setting of casting conditions: various casting conditions can be set and saved

    (3) monitoring: output method that can shoot out curve, action representation of machine, alarm value of monitoring parameter, etc.

    (4) management: it can display the production management of production quantity, speed, operation time, etc., as well as the abnormality and reason of the machine.

    (5) mold condition setting: various mold conditions can be set in total.

    (6) storage: the storage capacity of 32MB memory card is more than 20 times higher than the original.

    (7) operability: the touch panel can operate directly.

    (IX) peripheral devices

    (1) mold locking device: the mold can be locked effectively through oil pressure and self locking function.

    (2) large column automatic extraction device: the mold can be changed without removing the side oil cylinder of the mold. It is a simple operation with one click.

    (3) C-plate locking device: the ejector rod installation operation during mold replacement is omitted.

    (4) die bearing platform: it can simply determine the position of horizontal and vertical directions.

    (5) spray device: large scale spray device with high accuracy and high accuracy.

    (6) soup feeding device: a soup feeding device for large machines with high precision and high production beat.

    Address: 101b, building 6, shubiankeng, Tantou industrial city, Songgang street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
    Contact information:18049802669 13827483497 13827487849

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